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I have put together this page for employee information, training and everything you will need to help make you a Divine Clean success!

You’ll need to know the following information and have access to the latest documentation for your employment at Divine Clean. So let’s get started!

We Use ClockShark Software & Mobile App

ClockShark makes it easy to see what’s happening in the field, track time, manage jobs from start to finish, communicate, get paid, and support your hardworking self.

If we are going to be successful, then we need to be a team even though many times we’ll be working independently. I want my employees to know I have their back and this software helps us to communicate with each other and clients should they have questions.

First and foremost, ClockShark is your time tracking phone app that will automatically submit your time, so I can pay you on time. But more than that, if the client wants proof a job has been done, we can now provide that for them! How great is that?

Step 1:: Download the App

Step 2:: Watch the Video

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